Hans Schröder GmbH - today

Hans Schröder GmbH is a family business with tradition, which has remained young and independent. With its products and services for the preservation of archives, museums, libraries and private collections, it is one of the most renowned providers. Founded in 1978 by Hans Schröder in Karlsdorf-Neuthard near Karlsruhe, the company has grown over the years into an internationally active company that today supplies many customers in Germany, Europe and the whole world.

The secret of this positive development: We are passionately committed to the satisfaction of our customers from the consulting phase to order processing. Be it the local home association, the passionate private collector, the internationally renowned museum, the committed city archive or one of the large state archives - Hans Schröder GmbH has felt equally committed to all its customers since the early years.

We are continuously working on how we can support our customers in their daily business even better with our solutions for all aspects of archives. Our principles also include consistently high product quality, innovative product range development and sustainable, environmentally friendly management.

We are pleased to be able to be there for your interests as well - with the aim of ensuring that your "cultural assets are safely stored", both today and in the future.

Foundation 1978 by Hans and Adelheid Schröder
Employees 10
Location Karlsdorf-Neuthard (Bade-Wurtemberg), Allemagne
Sales Distribution worldwide
Volume More than 10,000 orders per year - from individual packaging to large-scale projects
Speciality One of the market leaders and specialist for archival packaging


2017/2018 - Expansion of the company premises

In July 2017, the company moved into a new administration building with two adjacent warehouses, dispatch and production halls on Erich-Keßler-Strasse in Karlsdorf-Neuthard. The new office and warehouse complex is modernly equipped and offers sufficient space for the growing task of Hans Schröder GmbH.

2001 - Internationalisation of the company

The internationalisation of business activities will be intensified. The sales markets of France, Belgium and Luxembourg will be completely re-developed and activities in existing European markets will be further expanded.

1985 - Relocation to larger company premises

The growth of the company leads to a greater demand for storage and order picking space, which leads to the relocation within the town to Spöcker Straße. During this time, the family business is intensively developing with only two employees.

1990 - Expansion of the sales markets in Germany

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the company continues to expand its sales activities. Hans Schröder increasingly travels to the new German states, where he personally visits, advises and supplies countless archives. He makes many new contacts and thus makes "Hans Schröder's good archive box" more and more well-known.

1997 - Relocation to Ostendstraße

Steady growth makes a new move necessary. A spacious warehouse area with attached office complex is moved into in Ostendstraße, Karlsdorf-Neuthard.

1997 - Anselm Schröder becomes shareholder and managing director

Anselm Schröder, son of company founder Hans Schröder, joins the company, which is transformed into a GmbH (limited liability company). He becomes co-partner and managing director and increasingly aligns the company's strategy to the needs of historical archives, libraries, museums and private collections.

1992 - Development of the archive box "Der Erlkönig".

The product range is constantly being adapted and expanded to meet customer requirements. The company now sells more than 100 of its own products, including well-known archive classics such as the front flap box "Der Erlkönig". A relocation of the office complex to Brühlstraße combined with the purchase of the first personal computers for modern order processing is necessary.

1980 - Development of the first archive classics

With the advertising slogan "Die Gute Archivbox von Hans Schröder - the good archival box of Hans Schröder" the company soon makes a name for itself nationwide. At this time, customers could already purchase the archive boxes "Model I/65" and "Model II/65", as well as filing clamps and transfer aids - classics that are still used in many registries and archives today.



1978 - Foundation of the company Hans Schröder GbR

After many years as a sales representative, company founder Hans Schröder and his wife began selling archive boxes and accessories for municipal administrations, registries and authorities independently in 1978. The first company headquarters with warehouse is located in the "old cigar factory" - a historic building in Karlsdorf-Neuthard, Neuthard.




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