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Transparent bags

  1. Envelopes IMAGESAFE - Polypropylene

    Crystal clear photo envelopes made of archival safe polypropylene
    PAT-tested, 1 side open, many formats available

  2. Envelopes IMAGESAFE - Polypropylene / fine-grained foil

    Pockets of fine-grained, archival safe polypropylene foil
    PAT-tested, 1 side open, many DIN formats

  3. SECOL U-Style pockets - Polyester

    SECOL pockets U-Style are made of high quality polyester,
    PAT-tested, DIN A6 to DIN A0, open on one side.

  4. SECOL L-Style envelopes - Polyester

    Highly transparent envelopes made of brilliant
    SECOL polyester, PAT-tested, 2 sides open

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