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Brushes, brooms, folder

  1. Synthetic hand brush

    Ideal for removing dust particles which, thanks to the synthetic fiber,
    are captured and easily eliminated from the surface.

  2. Goat-hair hand brush

    Very soft goat hair hand brush for dusting of large areas like drawings,
    paintings, wall-paintings, documents, etc.

  3. Horse-hair hand brush

    Horse hair brush for dusting and cleaning of archival storage
    cabinets, cupboards, boxes, etc.

  4. Goat-hair brush

    Flat, very soft goat hair brush to remove dust carefully
    from old documents, photo glass plates and other fragile surfaces

  5. Badger fan brush

    Soft, very flat badger fan brush with long red lacquered handles
    to remove dust carefully from fragile surfaces

  6. Brushes - round

    For various uses e.g. to put on adhesives, glues etc.
    natural white Chinese bristles, plastic ferrule, wood handle

  7. Brushes - flat

    For various uses e.g. to put on adhesives, glues etc.,
    bleached white Chinese bristles, aluminium ferrule, wood handle

  8. Bone folder

    High-quality natural bone tool, made of pure animal bone,
    length: 15 cm, one end pointed, the other rounded.

  9. Double spatulas

    Length: 15 cm, width 9 mm, antimagnetic,
    18/10 pur stainless steel or PTFE coated

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