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Fasteners, transfer-helper

  1. Tube-fasteners - petrol-white

    Flexible, very flat 3-piece fastener, free from softener,
    length of tube: 21 cm or 28 cm available

  2. Fastener - white

    100 % plastic fastener with compressor bar, very flexible,
    suitable for highly frequented documents, length shank: 16 cm

  3. Fastener, grey - Euro Bol Class

    Plastic fastener with compressor bar, thin and stable shanks,
    free from softener, length of each shank: 13 cm

  4. Fastener - green

    Stiff fastener without compressor bar and smooth shanks,
    just bend shanks, length shank: 10 cm

  5. Transfer-helper

    Tool to empty ring binders.

  6. Metal fastener - white

    Plastic-coated metal fastener, with protected ends,
    colour: white

  7. Paper screws

    Screw fastener, made of polyethylene

  8. Laurel Paper clips - white

    100 % plastic (polystyrene), anti-magnetic, white
    25 mm (500 pcs. pack), 35 mm (200 pcs. pack)

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