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Disinfection, cleaning

Pests thrive particularly well in an unclean environment, since they find easier shelter and food there. At the same time, it can develop a microclimate in which heat and moisture accumulate and promote mould growth.

It is therefore worth the time and effort to invest in a clean, pest-free environment, as this directly benefits the maintenance and preservation of the collection and at the same time protects the health of employees and visitors.

  1. BACILLOL® Tissues - Surface disinfection

    Aldehyde-free disinfection wipes for rapid disinfection
    of alcohol-resistant surfaces, dispenser with 100 tissues

  2. BACILLOL® 30 - Disinfectant-cleaner

    Aldehyde-free rapid disinfectant-cleaner for sensitive surfaces,
    for the rapid spray/wipe disinfection of surfaces.

  3. Baktolan® balm - Care lotion

    Water-in-oil (w/o) emulsion, effective care as a result of allantoin,
    panthenol, and bisabolol, no greasy film.

  4. STERILLIUM® classic pure - Hand disinfectant

    Excellent skin tolerability and regreasing as a result of
    the dexpanthenol-based care system. Rubbed into dry hands.

  5. Stellisept® med - Hand and body cleansing

    Very skin-friendly, antiseptic hand and body wash lotion,
    pH value of approx. 5.5, free from colorants

  6. Latex Dry-Cleaning Sponge (Dirt Eraser)

    Vulcanized natural rubber, for convenient and
    residue-free cleaning of surface soilings

  7. AKAPAD Dry-Cleaning Sponge

    AKAPAD pH-neutral Latex sponge for convenient and safe cleaning,
    available in strengths: "soft", "hard", "extra-hard" and "paper"

  8. Synthetic hand brush

    Ideal for removing dust particles which, thanks to the synthetic fiber,
    are captured and easily eliminated from the surface.

  9. Goat-hair hand brush

    Very soft goat hair hand brush for dusting of large areas like drawings,
    paintings, wall-paintings, documents, etc.

  10. Horse-hair hand brush

    Horse hair brush for dusting and cleaning of archival storage
    cabinets, cupboards, boxes, etc.

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