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Objects, artefacts, textiles

The following pages detail all archival solutions for safe longterm storage of objects, artefacts and textiles.
  1. Storage boxes "Loreley" with lid

    Storage boxes "Loreley" with lid - acid-free, pH-neutral, high cellulose content, many formats available.

  2. Jewellery paper - buffered - sheets

    Jewellery paper - buffered - sheets
    in strength 21 g/sqm, semitransparent

  3. Artifact storage grid

    Cardboard strips to build an individual grid for
    artifact storage, archival board Premium Plus

  4. Jewellery paper - unbuffered - sheets and rolls

    Jewellery paper - unbuffered - sheets and rolls
    in strength 18 g/sqm, semitransparent

  5. Polyester fleece "Avos"

    Archival safe, inert 100 % polyester fleece to cushion, wrap
    and protect, washable, two strengths available

  6. Ethafoam "Avos"

    Archival safe, resilient polyethylene foam to cushion and protect against repeated impacts, can be cut individually.

  7. Grip-seal polybag with write on panels

    For storing small objects, saving collectors' items.

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