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The following pages detail all archival solutions for safe longterm storage of records.
  1. Record box "Odeon"

    Record box „Odeon“ designed to store classic records (7“Singles, 12“ LPs), record covers or other large objects

  2. Record sleeves "VISTA" - glassine paper

    Semitransparent, glasssine envelope sleeves
    for 7" (18,5 cm) and 12” (31,5 cm) records

  3. Record sleeves "Odeon" - archival board

    Acid-free, durable envelope sleeves for 10” (25,4 cm) /12” (30,5 cm) records - with circular cut-out of 8 cm

  4. Storage Sleeves “Odeon” - plastic

    Protection sleeves for 7“ single vinyl records - closed on three sides, made of softener and acid-free foil

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