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Restauration, cleaning, adhesifs

  1. Gloves - Cotton

    Protection gloves, light-weight, washable, 100 % white cotton
    to protect from dirt, fingerprints, chemical reactions

  2. Brushes, brooms

    Brushes and brooms for cleaning purposes or for removing dust,
    made of goat, horse and badger hair.

  3. RepaTex G5 - Conservation Strips

    Conservation strips made of buffered Japanese paper,
    adhesion coating of protein-based adhesive and methyl cellulose.

  4. ökoNORM Pro-Coll adhesive

    ökoNORM Pro-Coll softener-free, starch-based adhesive
    for soft, acid-free glueing on paper, cardboard, photos, etc.

  5. GUTENBERG - Rubber Glue Pen

    The natural ingredients of this real gum Arabic glue
    do not damage even the finest surface, entirely harmless ingredients.

  6. MAPED Eraser “Epure” oval

    MAPED Eraser “Epure” oval, suited for pencil graphite on paper
    or to clean various small surfaces

  7. Latex Dry-Cleaning Sponge (Dirt Eraser)

    Vulcanized natural rubber, for convenient and
    residue-free cleaning of surface soilings

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