Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Of the countless insect species that occur regionally, some pose a real threat to cultural assets and are regularly found in relevant buildings. These pests mainly feed on organic material, but can also damage inorganic material, e.g. in the course of nest-building or pupation. Much of the damage is caused by larval feeding on or in objects. Since most species thrive well in warm and humid rooms, care should be taken to ensure cool, dry room climates. Furthermore, insect infestation can be prevented by sealing buildings. All incoming objects and materials should be inspected and free of pests. Continuous, intensive monitoring, e.g. by means of regular visual inspections of trapping devices, is necessary. For monitoring crawling and flying insects, monitor traps with adhesive surfaces can be used and installed at strategic points. Trapping provides reliable information about which species are present and where in the building they are present.