4-flap enclosure - 9 x 12

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Product information "4-flap enclosure - 9 x 12"

Enclosures made of 100 % cotton fibre, for required uniform pressure from all 4 sides on negative film and glass plate negatives. 90 gsm, cream-coloured, unbuffered, pH 6,8-7,0. These enclosures offer excellent fold endurance and strong scores to make creasing easy.

These 4-flap enclosures have successfully passed the Photographic Activity Test (PAT, ISO Standard 14523 replaced by ISO 18916) performed by the Image Permanence Institute in Rochester, USA. Please feel free to contact us for the detailed test results.

int. format: 9,0 x 12,0 cm
unit price

Transparency: untransparent
Material: Cotton paper (unbuffered)
Strength: 90 g/m2 cotton paper
Features: acid-free, unbuffered, Photographic Activity Test (PAT)
Object format: for 9 x 12, 9 x 13 formats
Indicated price: unit price

Accessory Items

Photo-Box Illumina - 9 x 13 Premium
16 x 12.5 x 4.5 cm (L x B x H)
Use Photo-Boxes "Illumina" for safe horizontal storage of photographic collections, post cards or glass plates in all sizes. Archival board in Premium-Quality acid-free, pH-neutral, calcium carbonate buffered, permanent, PAT successfully tested (ISO Standard 14523 replaced by ISO 18916) Colour: grey-blue, manual assembly without tools, adhesives or tape.Self-locking system, shipped flat, best in combination with photo envelopes ImageSafe, FACIL, VISTA or 4-flap enclosures. Internal dimensions: 11,0 x 14,5 x 4,0 cmExternal dimensions: 12,5 x 16,0 x 4,5 cm
Art.-Nr.: 09932

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