Grip-seal polybag 250 x 350

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Item no. 921213DE
Weight: 0.851 kg
PU: 100-Pack

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Product information "Grip-seal polybag 250 x 350"

For storing and securing small objects and collection items. In emergency situations, for example, archival records with water damage can be secured and frozen in these bags so that they can then be gently freeze-dried. 

The bags can be closed airtight simply and quickly using a pressure or grip closure, they can be resealed and are therefore reusable. The bags made of high-quality polyethylene (PE-LD) are tear-resistant, freeze-proof, food-safe, acid- and plasticizer-free and PAT-tested (Photographic Activity Test).

with write on panels,
format: 25 x 35 cm,
short side open,
thickness: 50 μm, PE-LD,
transparent foil

price per package of 100 pcs.

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