Archival box REFLEX - 2 ring

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Product information "Archival box REFLEX - 2 ring"

Compact archive cassette from one piece - for the safe and professional storage of photographs, slides, negative strips, postcards, stamps, coins and much more. With high-quality, stable ring mechanism.

The archive cassette offers space for approx. 50-80 transparent envelopes with filing edge. The ageing resistant archive board gives the archive cassette a high stability and security. Inside, two white, unbuffered photo archive boxes provide direct protection for the stored image material.

Album pages with matching perforations: all models of the PANORAMA, SECOL AS, VISTA, PRINTFILE, FACIL series

The REFLEX archive cassette is dustproof, stackable and very robust. The Photo Activity Test (PAT) was passed successfully. Delivery fully assembled. For labelling we recommend the matching 3L viewing windows.

ext. format: 35,0 x 33,0 x 7,0 cm,
int. format:  32,5 x 31,0 x 6,5 cm,
with 2-ring-mechanism,
ring to ring distance 80 mm,
for album pages up to max.
ext. format of 32,0 x 27,0 cm

Unit price

Quality: Archival board PREMIUM
Strength: 1,40 mm Solid board
Colour: blue-grey
Features: permanent, acid-free, calcium carbonate buffered, Photographic Activity Test (PAT)
Object format: for DIN A5 formats, for DIN A8 formats, for 6 x 6, 6 x 7, 6 x 9 medium formats, for 5 x 5, 6 x 6, 6 x 7 slides, for small formats / microfilm, for 10 x 13, 10 x 15 formats, postcards, for DIN A7 formats, for 24 x 30 formats, for DIN A6 formats, for CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Discs, for 9 x 12, 9 x 13 formats, for DIN A4 formats, for letters, postcards, banknotes, for 4,5 x 6 formats, for 13 x 18 formats, für 18 x 24 Formate
Indicated price: unit price
Delivery: fully assembled

Accessory Items

Album pages PANORAMA - Slides 5x5
5.8 x 5.6 cm (L x B)
These high-quality perforated, crystal clear polypropylene pages for standard 4-ring binders allow convenient viewing and minimize exposure to dirt, pollution and finger prints. The pages are made from premium high clarity polypropylene which contains no harmful chemicals, softeners and acid to cause deterioration during long-term storage. Successfully PAT-tested. 15 pockets for slidespocket size: 58 x 56 mm,ext. size: 306 x 233 mm120 μm, crystal clear foil,PAT-Test,price per pack of 25 pcs.
Art.-Nr.: 91350-25

from €10.12*
Album pages SECOL "AS" - DINA4
23.3 x 30.3 cm (L x B)
1 pocket for DIN A4, (Format: 23,3 x 30,3 cm), price per pack of 50 pcs. SECOL album pages are made of high quality and archival safe polyester (Melinex, formerly Mylar D). They are completely inert, chemically stable and very clear and brilliant. The pages are suitable for any standard 4-ring binder or our archival storage box "Reflex" to allow easy viewing. Damage from dirt, handling, pollution and chemical reactions between photos and protectors are minimized. Note: SECOL pages have successfully passed the Photographic Activity Test (PAT, ISO Standard 14523 replaced by ISO 18916) performed by the Image Permanence Institute in Rochester, USA. Please feel free to contact us for the detailed test results. External format: 31,7 x 26,0 cm 1 pocket for DIN A4,(Format: 23,3 x 30,3 cm) price per pack of 50 pcs.
Art.-Nr.: AS200P1SE

from €53.73*
3L Label holders - 25 x 75 mm
7.5 x 2.5 cm (L x B)
The self-adhesive, acid-free 3L Label holders made of fully transparent polypropylene help you to draw, mark and organise archive boxes, folders, shelves and much more. The matching label plates made of white cardboard are included. window format: 25 x 75 mmtransparent, self-adhesive,with removable whitecardboard insertsprice per pack of 12 pcs.
Art.-Nr.: 10310-3L

HERMA Reinforcement rings self-adhesive
Self-adhesive reinforcement rings, made of tear-resistant transparent plastic film, for neatly and dependably reinforcing of repairing file attachment holes. Outer diameter 12mm. In functional cardboard dispenser. Ø 12 mm, transparent,self-adhesive, made of tear-resistantpolypropylene film, for repairing torn holes,price per package of 500 rings
Art.-Nr.: 5898-HE

Album pages VISTA - Glassine paper, 13x18
Store negatifs, roll-films and prints in an affordable ultra-smooth environment. These glassine album pages offer semi-transparent protection against fingerprints, dirt and dust and are clear enough to see through!  They are made of 100 % pure cellulose fibres and are bleached without the use of chlorine. Furthermore they are free of lignin, acid, metal and softeners. 2 pockets for negatives/positivesup to format 13 x 18 cm,with 4 standard perforations,pocket size: 145 x 184 mm,ext. dimension: 320 x 250 mmprice per package of 100 pcs.
Art.-Nr.: 99688-H

from €21.60*
Album pages FACIL - Archival photo paper, 10x15, DIN A6
Album pages FACIL with side multi hole punch are made of high-quality, nontransparant CHRONOS photo paper (100 % pure cellulose) that is the most safe storage and conservation option for photographic collections. In order to match the specific requirements for archiving of photographic material this natural white paper with no alkaline reserve (no calcium carbonate buffer) has been developed, the pH value is approx. 7,0. Furthermore it contains no optical brighteners. The average KAPPA index is < 2 (KAPPA index 5 = max. tolerance of oxidising components, see also DIN ISO 9706). Successfully PAT-tested. May be stored in archival photo boxes like photo box "Reflex" with 4-ring, 3-ring or 2-ring mechanism  - a safe and efficient combination. 4 vertical pockets,pocket size: 105 x 149 mm,ext. size: 320 x 250 mmprice per package of 25 pcs.
Art.-Nr.: 99977-25

from €9.46*