Flat brush - 7 mm


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Product information "Flat brush - 7 mm"

Flat bristly, versatile brush, for applying glue, etc., made of white bleached Chinese bristles, seamless aluminium ferrules and natural wood handle.

bleached with Chinese bristles,
aluminium ferrule, plain wood
handle, 7mm width
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PLANATOL Elasta N Adhesive
Attributes Planatol Elasta N is an aqueous, solvent-free dispersion adhesive with a measure of starch added. It cures to a hard, slightly extensible film that retains no stickiness after curing and is water-soluble. ApplicationPlanatol Elasta N glues untreated paper, paperboard, linen and other book cover materials to themselves, to plastic films covered with fabric, natural fibre fabrics, wood, chipboard and fibreboard or with other absorbent materials. The main sphere of use for Planatol Elasta N is large area adhesions like, for example, gluing the backing for a water resistant painting or mounting maps or photographs. In addition, this viscous paste glue is used for various manual bookbinding tasks where bonding work on thick paper or thin paperboard is required. The fact that the resulting film of glue is water-soluble means that after curing you can still make corrections if necessary. Bonding work on plastic or completely printed paper materials is not possible with Elasta N. For such work we recommend that you make a mixture by adding PLANATOL AD 94/5 or just use that product by itself. Treatment Planatol Elasta N is ready-to-use. You can apply it manually with a brush from the jar or thin it with up to 30% water, whereby, it should be noted, its drying time will be longer. Check the chart to see its various areas of application. After use, tools can be cleaned with cold water. We recommend that this product be used within six months. price per 1,05 kg can
Art.-Nr.: 98250

Glutofix 600 - methyl-cellulose adhesive
Water-soluble methyl-cellulose adhesive, easy to use: simply stir crystals in cold water. Acid-free, nontoxic, for applications where high water content of adhesive is desirable or tolerated. Relation 1:40 and 1:50 water-soluble methyl-cellulose adhesive, price per 125g package
Art.-Nr.: 98300