Grey silverfish Monitor

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Product information "Grey silverfish Monitor"

This innovative paper fish monitor was specially designed for the monitoring of paper fish (Ctenolepisma longicaudata). The matrix of the adhesive contains various attractants which are particularly attractive for paper fish and shows excellent catch results in practical tests. The monitor glue trap is gentle but effective. It contains no dangerous ingredients or insecticidal agents. A species-specific attractant of food quality is incorporated in the monitoring adhesive surface.

Placement: on presumed walkways, on wall-floor transitions and furnishings, placement in open space does not make sense, place monitors in all rooms, adjust number of monitors to infestation intensity and spatial conditions. Distance between the traps approx. 3-5 metres. After activation, the attractant is effective for approx. 6 weeks. The setting up of the monitor traps serves primarily the recognition and control of the pest species and their spatial occurrence. The control of a very strong infestation is not possible by these traps.

Shelf life (unopened / unactivated): 2 years
Catch duration (open / activated): 6 weeks

Cardboard monitor,
150 x 100 mm,
with attractant for
grey silverfish

Price per pack of 20 pcs.

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