Quarantine tape - Grip Tape GT 702

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Product information "Quarantine tape - Grip Tape GT 702"

This double-sided adhesive barrier tape is ideal for the construction of quarantine zones. Inside, for example, there may be controlled, cleaned and uncontaminated archive materials and objects. The tape can also be used to prevent insects from swarming out of infected zones. It can also be used to close off rooms, door frames, shelves and cupboards.

The special: One side of the tape is particularly adhesive and allows even small and light insects, e.g. in the early nymph stage, to adhere securely to the adhesive. The other side is only slightly adhesive, so that the tape can be reversibly attached to sensitive surfaces. The tape can be cut as desired. Attractants can also be placed on the adhesive surface. The yellow colour makes the tape visible and easy to find.

Application: all kinds of creeping insects, such as giant tail silverfish and silverfish, cockroaches, dust lice, beetle larvae, etc. Recommended by leading IPM experts!

Roll 5 cm wide, 25 m long
Premium yellow foil tape,
1 side strongly adhesive,
1 side weakly adhesive,
can be cut to any size

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