Sticky-Boards for CHAMELEON® QUALIS (maintenance)


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Product information "Sticky-Boards for CHAMELEON® QUALIS (maintenance)"

Optional maintenance equipment

This adhesive surface was specially designed for use in the UV-LED insect trap CHAMELEON® QUALIS, because unlike traditional UV tubes, LED tubes cause much less or hardly any heating of the adhesive by the tubes.

Strong adhesive coating on cardboard, UVA resistant, solvent-free adhesive, recyclable cardboard, long durability, with tabulated grid for IPM counting of insects. The change of the adhesive surface depends on the infestation and usually has to be carried out every 6-8 weeks, but preferably at the beginning of the flying season in spring. The UV-LED insect trap CHAMELEON® QUALIS is supplied with an adhesive surface as standard.

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Accessory Items

LED-UV-Tube for CHAMELEON® QUALIS (maintenance)
This Quantum X LED tube (370nm 550mm T5) with state-of-the-art gas cooling system and 360° light distribution is a maintenance accessory for use in the CHAMELEON® QUALIS UV LED insect trap. The first replacement of the two tubes supplied as standard must be carried out 3 years after initial commissioning.What must be observed when replacing the tubes?When inserting, always make sure that the printed + and - symbols next to the silver end cap of the LED tube are aligned according to the + and - symbols inside the unit housing (see illustration). The LED tubes will not work in any other configuration. Incorrect insertion may cause irreparable damage to the filaments.LED tube (370nm 550mm T5)PestWest Quantum X LED,55 cm long,432 LEDs per tubePU = 1 piece
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57.5 x 30 x 4 cm (L x B x H)
With the new UV-LED insect trap CHAMELEON® QUALIS, the manufacturer PestWest has succeeded in keeping the attraction effect of the emitted light competitive with conventional fluorescent UV insect light traps, while at the same time guaranteeing all the additional environmentally relevant advantages of LED technology, such as increased service life and energy savings. PestWest has consistently responded to the increasing demand for environmentally conscious alternatives with this new development. The Quantum X UV LED tube technology used in combination with a specially designed adhesive surface offers a completely new level of flying insect control and is optimally suited for monitoring as well as for catching and destroying insects.What is so special about this device?- Quantifiable energy savings combined with the highest catch rates.- Quantum X is a new, unique 360° LED tube technology that significantly increases catchability.- The shatterproof glass tube is equipped with a state-of-the-art gas cooling system.- Filament LEDs operate reliably at their optimum output for longer and reduce premature failures.- Compared to the typical 120° light distribution in earlier LED light traps, here it is 360°.- The emitted light does not dazzle and is not disturbing to people who are in the vicinity.- The softer light intensity leads to improved trapping results (high light intensity = ineffective trapping).- Comparatively high hertz frequency: no flickering of the tube, additionally positive for insect trapping.- With these tubes that last 3 years - save yourself the annual change!- A new type of adhesive surface with less adhesive heating increases the efficiency of the trap.- High-quality metal housing made of polyester-coated Zintec steel - no plastic!Suitable for catching flying insects of all sizes, especially for:- Bread beetles (Stegobium paniceum)- fur beetles (Attagenus spp.)- Wooly flower beetle / museum beetle (Anthrenus verbasci)- Cabinet beetle (Anthrenus museorum)- Carpet beetle (Anthrenus scrophulariae)Maintenance & WarrantyThe unit is delivered fully equipped and ready for operation. Basically, it can only be operated with 2 Quantum X LED tubes (370nm 550mm T5). These two tubes as well as the required adhesive surface are included in the unit as standard. The first tube change must only be carried out 3 years after initial commissioning. The change of the adhesive surface depends on the infestation and must usually be carried out every 6-8 weeks, but preferably at the beginning of the flying season in spring. Replacement tubes and replacement adhesive surfaces can be re-ordered from us at any time.Mounting & power connectionThe unit can be permanently mounted as a wall-mounted unit with a power connection as standard, or it can be operated via a mains socket using the mains plug provided. A stand is currently not available.General information- Unit size: 57.5 x 30 x 4 cm- Weight: 3,1kg- Effective range: 90-120m²- Energy consumption: 13.5W- Shelf life (unopened / unactivated): 3 years, <25 degrees Celsius, cool, dry- Catch duration (opened / activated): 6-8 weeksUnit price
Art.-Nr.: 125474-KG