REINER Numbering Machine B2


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Product information "REINER Numbering Machine B2"

For professional applications with 6 special die-cast wheels, 4 of which automatically shifting, imprint with or without protruding zeros, digit size: 5.5 mm, font: Antiqua, shift combination 0x, 1 - 4 repetitions

Surface-finished metal frame, handle made of break- and impact-resistant plastic, ergonomic design for fatigue-free stamping, colouring through maintenance- and dirt-free ink tank, colour box size 1, net weight: approx. 450 g

Digit size: 5.5 mm,
Font: Antiqua,
incl. Colorbox size 1, black,
Net weight: 450 g
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Accessory Items

REINER Colorbox Ink Cartridge - size 1
Maintenance- and dirt-free ink tank with integrated ink reservoir (black)Size 1 suitable for REINER Numeroteur B2 Prix unitaire
Art.-Nr.: 10542000-RE

NOREX Cleaning spray
Universal cleaning spray, suitable for polymer, rubber and metal stamps. Dissolves stamping ink residues based on water, alcohol and oil. Easy removal of even the smallest ink residues with the help of the brush. Suitable for polymer-, Rubber and metal stamps, cleaning brush included,Price per 75 ml bottle
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