Pockets - microfiches / microfilm jackets


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Product information "Pockets - microfiches / microfilm jackets"

Safe storage of Microfiche / Microfilm jackets, protection from negatif environmental influences. Can be used to store standard formats upto 15,0 x 10,5 cm. Made of white, wood-free paper in 90 g/m2. Three sides closed, long side open.

Standard formats up to
15,0 x 10,5 cm, open on long side,

Pocket format: 152 x 107 mm
(107 mm = 76 mm + 31 mm flap at rear broadside)

90 gsm, paper,
wood free, white,
price per pack of 100 pcs.

Opening: 1 long side open
Transparency: untransparent
Object format: for small formats / microfilm

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