Envelopes FACIL - 6 x 9

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Product information "Envelopes FACIL - 6 x 9"

FACIL envelopes are made of high-quality, pure CHRONOS photo paper that is the most safe storage and conservation option for photographic collections. In order to match the specific requirements for archiving of photographic material this natural white paper with no alkaline reserve (no calcium carbonate buffer) has been developed, the pH value is approx. 7,0. Furthermore it contains no optical brighteners.

The average KAPPA index is < 2 (KAPPA index 5 = max. tolerance of oxidising components, see also DIN ISO 9706). 3 sides closed, only pH neutral adhesive used on 2 sides. May be stored in archival photo boxes like photo box "Prisma", "Spectrum" or "Illumina" - a safe and efficient combination.

Please note: The back side of the pockets protrudes at the opening by about 5 - 8 mm beyond the end edge of the front side.

ext. format: 7,1 x 10,4 cm,
int. format: 6,9 x 9,8 cm

price per package of 100 pcs.

Opening: 1 long side open
Transparency: untransparent
Material: Archival photo paper (unbuffered)
Strength: 100 g/m2 archival photo paper
Features: acid-free, unbuffered, Photographic Activity Test (PAT)
Object format: for 6 x 6, 6 x 7, 6 x 9 medium formats
Indicated price: Price per sales unit

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