Monitoring Flying Insects

Archive rooms, magazines, restoration workshops, exhibition rooms and other endangered areas should be monitored within the framework of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This allows changes to be detected at any time and appropriate pest control measures to be taken. For the monitoring of flying insects like webbing clothes moth, case bearing clothes moths, varied carpet beetle or black carpet beetle simple hanging insect monitors with adhesive surfaces or UV insect killers with adhesive surfaces are suitable.

The hanging insect monitors can also be equipped with special pheromones to attract specific insect species for which a non-specific attractant is not attractive. The trapped insects are not destroyed by these traps, so that the pest occurrence can be safely quantified and recorded. Furthermore, the adhesives and attractants as well as the pheromones do not contain any harmful chemical substances and are therefore completely harmless in their handling and with regard to surrounding stands and objects.